Saturday, 28 July 2012

Danny Boyle's AMAZING ceremony!

What an Opening Ceremony!!

At first I wasn't to sure what to think, to me there seemed to be a lot going on and I couldn't keep up but as the night went on I was amazed.

Mr Bean really made the night for me, I'm a big fan of him and thought it was a good idea to include a great comedy icon in the Ceremony.

I was wondering why they announced everything in French before English and it turns out the Olympic Games were originally started by a French man in Greece. French is the first language followed by English and then the hosts language third.

David Beckham made an appearance on the speed boat which carried the Olympic Torch to the stadium which I thought was a nice touch to include him although he should have been included in the GB squad!! After all his hard work getting the Olympics to Great Britain Stuart Pearce should of included him but apparently there is some bad feelings between them from the past.

There is talk of Danny Boyle been knighted in the next Queens honours list and rightly so after that performance. Not sure the Queen will agree though after the scene with Bond jumping out of the helicopter!!

So overall an EXCELLENT ceremony which should make us feel proud to be British, I think other countries may not have understood it all but nevertheless an Amazing night.

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