Tuesday, 31 July 2012


A 17year old male has been arrested following the abuse given to Team GB Olympic Diver Tom Daley yesterday (Monday).

I'm not going to name the idiot as I don't believe he should be given any more publicity.

I read for myself some of the comments the boy made after Daley had been in competition earlier that afternoon and I was disgusted! 

In one tweet it was said that Tom had let his dad down after coming 4th but he later went on to apologize. This idiot obviously wasn't sincere with his apology and carried on abusing Tom @tomdaley1994 threatening  to drown Tom in the pool and calling him a cocky T**T!

Should this lad have been arrested or is a simple ban from twitter enough?

I hope this doesn't affect Tom and his medal chances, GOOD LUCK TOM! 

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