Sunday, 15 July 2012

Big Brother in BIG Trouble

Could Big Brother be over? Personally I hope so, I'm sick off seeing it on my screen and I think it had its day by series 3.

Viewing figures showed a drop in viewers this weekend to under 1million which suggests the public have also had enough.

Series 1 for me was by far the best as it was something new and original, something the public hadn't seen before. Series 2 & 3 were watchable but after that I think the show lost its originality and became repetitive.

I feel the show has lost its main feature which was putting normal everyday people in a situation where tempers would flair and arguments would arise and to see how they were dealt with. One of the most famous was Series 1 where Nasty Nick had been hiding notes to swing the nominations.

The type of candidates they pick for the show needs to go back to how it was in the earlier series. Builders, Office workers and cooks etc... Not people who are models and have been on TV before just looking for some fame to build up their ego's!

If anyone else has any views on this feel free to add them..........

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